Miss Goodweather is the creation of Tara Sharpe,a designer from a little village on the coast of Kent. 

”I first fell in love with screen-printing because of the fast, satisfying results! After 5 months spent printing for Zandra Rhodes, I was utterly inspired by her legacy and addicted to the smell of pigment paste!

After graduating, I worked in a school as a Design and Technology technician, when I made the brave move to quit and take a leap into the notoriously saturated fashion industry. Working full throttle, I began to expand my textiles portfolio and through playful, experimental sampling I was struck by the idea to transform practical waterproof clothing! Miss Good Weather was born! ”

She has since; graduated from  School for Doug Richards' (of Dragons Den) School for Creative Startups programme,collaborated with numerous designers, completed 2 festival tours and sold at pop-ups all over the UK!