BEAM - Dawn Dress

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BEAM - Dawn Dress


BEAM - Dawn Dress

LIMITED EDITION - This design has textures of both a shiny & soft finish.

Being a hand-finished garment, the dresses. They have a side zip, light-weight, pack-away design and shower-proof finish. 100% cotton lining Polyurethane and flock coating.

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Please read these instructions carefully before use and keep in a safe place for future reference. Just follow these simple instructions to keep it looking its best: - 

Miss Goodweather Garments are 100% cotton fabric coated with PU (Polyurethane) to give it a weather-ready, easy-care finish. If looked after carefully it should last for many years. Most food and drink spillages can be removed easily – However, if left to settle on the surface, some may stain, so ensure to wipe off if possible. 

Liquids will mostly run straight off the surface, protecting you from damp clothes, discomfort and lingering smells!

To clean, simply handwash in tepid water and mild washing detergent. 
Be careful not to rub the surface using friction and DO NOT SCRUB 
Dry in it’s shape, preferably on a hanger. 
For more severe creases, Leave in a steamy shower –room: THE CREASES WILL SIMPLY DROP OUT

The fabric is NOT heat-proof or resistant to boiling water. 
No need to use strong detergents, bleach, solvents or peroxides to clean. 
Don’t tumble dry
Do not Iron! 

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