'Getting down to Business'; a review


Gema Ensenet of sequinsandslippers blog writes a lovely piece about Miss Goodweather, described notably, as

"appealing to the 'glam girl' inside of me - these are The Anti-Christ of Anoraks."

Here is the article from her site, sequinsandslippers.com, which features a choice selection of upcoming designers emerging from the UK right now!


"As we talked a little imp caught my eye... Oh no, it was just a petite woman running around in a gold dress, easy mistake to make...

Very simple in cut, lightweight, and in a variety of designs appealing to the 'glam girl' inside of me - these are The Anti-Christ of Anoraks. (I wonder if that name was already taken..?). Described as 'weather-ready festival fashion', these dresses are rain-proof; made from cotton, coated with polyurethane... they're like the sexy adult version of my bibs!! (different material, same wipe-clean principle...)

The designer, Tara Sharpe, also makes designs to order... it got me thinking I really should have an Austin Powers themed garden party this summer. Oh, and buy a house with a garden big enough for an Austin Powers themed garden party... might have to shelve that idea for the time being. ANYWAY! Check out all the glorious Miss Goodweather designs here!", 

Photography and Article by Gema Ensenet